Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Leptis Magna Season 1, Episode 7

Following on from the last episode, we carry onto the next round. My posts are in blue, Marks are in green, and any post-editing commentary are in red. The gladiator rules used are Munera Sine Missione - note that this version may have differences to the current version. Each round will be posted as a weekly episode.

These were wonderful fights! The crowds were thoroughly entertained. Everyone was riveted, except of course Noctua, who was seething at the success of Mago. There is talk now that Mago is on course to be selected for the Primus and become the champion (Primus Palus) of Leptis Magna. This would bring great honour to the ludus of Macer. Mago earns 8 gold from the win, and Kemsa, despite losing gets 1 gold. Their savings are now, Mago 27 gold (start 20, win 8, child -1), and Kemsa to 9 gold.

Onto world news, the governor, Vespasianus has now left the province with his family and taken up permanent residence in Rome. Policing of the province has mainly been left to the Legio III Augusta until a new governor arrives.

As both Mago and Kemsa were seriously wounded, they have to do a lot of recuperating before the next fight. It gives Mago more time with Dahia and their little boy. Given his growing status in the arena, Macer offers Mago some new equipment. He can either have some nicely polished and fancier armour [effect: - reroll first result of 4 or less on ‘appeal to the crowd’], or a damascus steel trident [effect - reroll the first 1 (if attacker) or 6 (if defender) roll following a double 1 special event].

Does Mago:
1) take the fancy armour, or
2) take the Damascus steel trident

Kemsa on the other hand passes time by gambling with dice. He can place a bet of 1 gold. Roll 4d6. On a doubles, he wins an extra gold, on 2 doubles, two extra gold. You can only keep going (push your luck) if you keep winning. If no doubles are rolled, the whole lot is lost including the original bet of 1 gold, and it comes to an end. If he does this, let me know if he wins (or loses) any money.

Mago thought about the options offered to him by Macer, and decided to take the Trident.

Kemsa played five games of dice (in my simulation), each ending on the fifth throw or when he failed to throw a double, whichever happened first. Over the course of the five games he won 14 gold including one pair of doubles in the same hand, but ended up losing each game, so as well as 'losing' the 14 gold he has lost his original stakes totalling 5 gold. Kemsa does not really understand probability, so he maybe secretly thinks he has been cheated somehow, or that some god is against him.

After the rather boring recuperation period, both Mago and Kemsa are now fully recovered. Kemsa is feeling emboldened by his new trident befitting his status, while Mago is feeling that luck has turned against him, and possibly as mentioned, he has offended the gods in some way. Gambling is clearly not good for him, losing at both the chariot racing and dice throwing, though people have warned him against the evil “Roman” dice that are slightly warped. Kemsa is now down to 4 gold by the looks of things, and is growing desperate for an arena win to turn his fortunes around.

The upcoming games are announced as the “Ludi Piscatori”, celebrating the fishermen who ply the local seas. The Retiarius (the fisherman) and Murmillo (the fish) will be the focus of events. Unfortunately, both Mago and Kemsa are facing weaker opponents (so they won’t gain a skill if they win), which leads Macer to believe that yet again, Noctua is meddling with the Magistrate to exclude his fighters from opponents of worth. Macer has decided that something singular must be done with Noctua after the games…

Mago is against Priscus (Murmillo) who has 3 skills (Reflexes, Attack, Dodge), and Kemsa is against Mus (Murmillo), an earlier opponent of Mago, who has 2 skills (Dodge, Reflexes). Before the gladiator fights, there was an execution of criminals and other undesirables ad bestias (killed by wild beasts). Through the lattice work of the gates, both Mago and Kemsa noticed that amongst the criminals was Isaac, who was captured. He had the word FUGITIVUS branded onto his forehead and met a grizzly end. Such is the new reign of terror from the Legate of the Legio III Augusta to restore order to the province.

Let me know the outcomes.

Mago and his new trident made short work of Priscus. Priscus started with a whole run of very low AP dice, and did not make much use of his extra 'Reflexes' AP, and Mago came right across the arena to attack him. Mago scored an immediate 5 strength hit, followed by ensnaring Priscus in the net and finishing him off. The crowd spared him even though he had not fought very well. A virtuoso performance by Mago.

Mago: lost 0/10 strength, 2 fatigue, Vincit (Won)
Priscus: 7/7 strength, 2 fatigue, Missio (Lost by given Mercy)

Kemsa and Mus fought a fast bout too, but this one was not to the advantage of Macer's ludus. Mus immediately knocked Kemsa down and he lost his shield (double 5 special event). Kemsa was able to stand up again, but Mus immediately knocked him down for a second time and seriously wounded him (double 6 special event). The crowd started to boo that Kemsa had thrown the fight (even though he was badly wounded) and voted for him to be killed. Mus was happy to oblige.

No one knows why Kemsa failed so badly today. Maybe the news about Isaac, and his own gambling losses, were on his mind and made him lose confidence? Now we will never know.

Kemsa: lost 10/8 strength, 0 fatigue, Peruit (Killed)
Mus: lost 0/10 strength, 0 fatigue, Vincit (Won)


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