Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Antioch Season 1, Episode 2

Following on from the last episode, we carry onto the next round. Mark's posts are in blue, mine are in green, and any post-editing commentary are in red. The gladiator rules used are Munera Sine Missione. Each round will be posted as a weekly episode.

Well that was a decisive opening round. The favoured one KIA on his first appearance!

Let me know if you want me to start another gladiator from my poor start. As Gallus’s first skill, I will take Dodge, as I think he needs to improve survival skills at this stage.

Ahenobarbus was not very happy about this initial showing, although considering it was only the matinee, not too much damage done ... The crowd saw a good fight with GALLUS and plenty of blood with SCORPU. And Ahenobarbus was able to make a quarter-aureus selling the dead body to the lion keepers.

GALLUS earns 2 aureus for the day's work, which becomes his starting balance. And the Dodge skill, as you indicated.

A few days later as Ahenobarbus was busy in a training session with ALUCIO, (another gladiator in the ludus who is subject to violent mood swings that affect his fighting capability) and wondering if the new herbal medication he had been told about would do any good, he got a visit from Helios, who he knew well, one of Athenodorus's slave secretaries and confidential general agents.

(After some discussion, it was decided to run a replacement gladiator, Germanicus, who is a dimacheri - otherwise it would have been the crazy Alucio.)

Helios explained that Athenodorus had heard about the mixed fortunes of Ahenobarbus's fighters the week before, and wanted to make an offer. Athenodorus would be prepared to give Ahenobarbus his gladiator GERMANICUS (Dimachaerus, no skills) at no cost, and pull strings to get Ahenobarbus two prime time slots at the Games of Diana, if Ahenobarbus would just arrange something for him ...

Athenodorus was up for the prestigious office of City Aedile this year, but his main opponent, Paulinus, was getting traction and looked like winning. Now, if he could be removed before the election which is just after the Games ... He would be an easy target as he normally had no bodyguards and often visited an obscure temple, alone, in the early morning when no one was around.

Ahenobarbus agreed, indeed he had no choice as a freedman client was totally expected to obey the commands of his patron. He would think about it later, after the Games.

The Games of Diana duly arrived and as promised there were two prime time slots for Ahenobarbus's men:

GALLUS (now well recovered) (Secutor, Dodge skill) will fight SABURRA (Gaetulian, Reflexes skill)
GERMANICUS (Diamachaerus, no skills) will fight SENECIO (Myrmillo, Dodge Skill)

Ahenobarbus was grateful for this opportunity given by his patron, but nervous as his men lined up against opponents who were nominally superior in skills. However if successful the prize money would be lavish.

One thing that is apparent is that the crowd of Antioch is not only hard to please but quite bloodthirsty!

It was clear that Gallus was a lot more determined in this fight, and was better prepared with a strength of 8 vs Saburra’s 5. Saburra was very tricksy, he came out quite fast and got a couple of good javelin throws into the flanks, but Gallus’s armour proved too strong. Saburra then lunged with his sword in a moment of opportunity, but yet again was unable to cut through the armour. Despite his energetic performance, Saburra was only able to gain very modest crowd support for his boldness and many attempts at showmanship. All the time was also the watchful but clumsy referee, who inexplicably got in the way a few times. Then came that moment, Gallus rolled 6AP, enough to move the referee away from protecting Saburra’s flank (must have been bribed…) and got a massive 6 strength hit in which Saburra failed to save against. The crowd, who never really warmed up to Saburra, gave the thumbs down. (as will be discovered later on, the thumbs down here was quite fortunate for Ahenobarbus)

Gallus: lost 0 from 6, favour points 0. Won.
Saburra: lost 6 from 5, favour points 1. Lost Appeal modified result 6. Dead.


This was one of the best fights of the day, but again, the crowd was hard to work. Senecio started strong (why does everyone get the “jump” on Ahenobarbus’s gladiators?) and attacked a few times with many misses and only scoring 1 wound. He did get 1 favour in that time, which was poor reward for a strong opening. Gemanicus bided his time then came in with a strong flank attack doing 5 damage, injuring Senecio. But Senecio was one to never quit, despite the AP penalty on his wound, he drew upon the crowd support to just perfectly time a flank attack. It was a dismal miss, and Senecio was now “tired” (but not yet emotional). Gambling money was flying on Germanicus to close this out. However, the wily Senecio wrong footed Germanicus and got a 4 hit in, causing serious injury. Germanicus recovered to get a few attacks in (all misses) and was on the brink of tiredness, but garnered 1 favour from the crowd for the fight back. Germanicus then came to life and had a powerful strike on the unshielded flank of the slowed Senecio with enough damage to win the fight, but the sword glanced off the helmet as Senecio’s armour held firm. Senecio then countered and struck Germanicus who fell.

Germanicus: lost 7 from 7, favour points 1 (5 fatigue). Lost but survived Appeal.
Senecio: lost 5 from 8, favour points 0 (5 fatigue). Won.

The appeal roll was interesting here. The roll was 4. As Germanicus did not have a helmet it dropped to 3. It looked like curtains. But.. +1 for being injured, +1 both gladiators tired or exhausted, +1 for injuring opponent, +1 for favour point. Just got to 7 to survive! Luckily Saburra was not spared, as the -1 from this would have finished Germanicus off.

The next skill Gallus will choose is Attack.


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