Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Leptis Magna Season 2, Episode 6

Following on from the last episode, we carry onto the next round. My posts are in blue, Marks are in green, and any post-editing commentary are in red. The gladiator rules used are Munera Sine Missione - note that this version may have differences to the current version. Each round will be posted as a weekly episode.

First, administrative stuff… Senex wins 15 gold (a huge windfall), Asiaticus win 10 gold. Overall, Senex has 23 gold, Asiaticus 42 gold. Senex does not get a new skill as he was against a weaker opponent, Asiaticus does gain a new skill. So both are on 2 skills.

Prior to the fight, Asiaticus was in the depths of despair. While looking through the grill onto the arena waiting for the inevitable, a large guard, who was a complete stranger, handed Asiaticus a small idol of Mithras. “Mithras rewards those who believe” he said. Asiaticus had heard other gladiators speak of Mithras, so he tucked it into his belt and put his faith in the idol. When Corax floored Asiaticus, he pleaded to Mithras for a miracle. As if by magic, some unseen force blocked the double attack by Corax. When Asiaticus was leaving the arena to the applause of the crowd, asked for a sign that this was the work of Mithras. Thereupon he saw the flock of birds. He now believed.

After the fights, Androcles arrived with Quadratus to meet the gladiators. Androcles was beaming with joy. “Who would have thought” he said, “that we would be seeing so much success today! Tell me Quadratus, what is the secret here?” Quadratus explained that after Senex lost his first fight, he arranged for Senex to visit the Domus Solis Ortum to lift his spirits, and he placed Asiaticus on a special training regimen so that he could gain confidence and belief in himself. “Excellent” exclaimed Androcles, “Quadratus, you could have trained the warriors in Olympus!”

As a reward, Senex is allowed another visit to the seedy parts of town again.  This time around he gets to see some lawless pit fighting. There are no rules, no concept of matched pairs, and the crowd never grants mercy…

Fighting is Hannibal, who famously wears the face of his most recent opponent as a mask, and uses a vile pick hammer. His opponent (pictured above) is Lenoidas, a specialist cestus fighter. Senex can bet up to 5 gold on the winner. If he bets on Hannibal (the favourite), he will win back an amount equal to his bet, if he bets on Leonidas, he will win back 5 times what he bets. Does Senex place a bet? If so, for who and how much (maximum 5 gold)?

In the meantime, the ludus is visted by a mystic of Mithras. Religious people are allowed to enter from time to time. For 5 gold, he will bring good fortune to Asiaticus’s next fight. If he pays the money, roll 2d6 and record the result. Asiaticus will be able to replace ANY ONE of his own dice rolls in his next fight with ONE of the 2 fortune results.

Asiaticus duly paid his 5 gold for the protection of Mithras, and rolled 2D6 : would you believe, 1 and 1. This mystic may be a fraud, I think. Mind you, still potentially useful to escape from a tricky "special event" problem.

Senex will place 5 gold on Leonidas to win. 

In the pit fight, Hannibal, who is scarcley human, was just too fast, with Leonidas taking fatal blows from the gruesome bipennis. “Hannibal is an uncontrolled lunatic!” thought Senex, and was thankful that he is a gladiator rather than a kill or be killed pit fighter.

Senex loses the bet and the 5 gold. He does however, round out the night in a wild party at the Domus Solis Ortum, spending another 2gp. Senex is starting to gain a reputation in the ludus for his wild and spendthrift ways.

Asiaticus is seemingly going the opposite way, devoting more time to the understanding of Mithras, and bonding with other gladiators who are members of the cult. The prophecy given to Asiaticus by the Mystic is not all that bad, a 1 can always be used for a turning a failed armour save to a successful block. That may have been the vision ….

The next games were announced as one of the qualifying events for the upcoming festival of Liber Pater. The match ups are;

Senex is up against Felix (has 2 skills)Asiaticus (armed with his prophetic dice roll of 1) is up against Hanno (has 3 skills)

The crowd is eagerly anticipating these matches. Betting money favours Senex over Felix, but the money favours Hanno over Asiaticus, as Hanno is seen as a good exponent of the net and trident.

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