Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Antioch Season 1, Episode 7

Following on from the last episode, we carry onto the next round. Mark's posts are in blue, mine are in green, and any post-editing commentary is in red. The gladiator rules used are Munera Sine Missione. Each round will be posted as a weekly episode.

Athenodorus was not exactly happy with the result of the rumble at the market, but after reprimanding Ahenobarbus he privately mused that it could have been worse. The fact that most of the Pericles Gang escaped made it look like just another street brawl, whereas if they had all been disappeared or killed it would have looked suspicious. And the captured henchman was singing like a canary in one of the cellars.

However, as a sign of the patron's displeasure GALLUS ended up with only 2 aureus in hand, taking his accumulated total to 22.

Meanwhile, back at the ludus, preparations are going ahead for an unscheduled set of games. A prominent ex-Governor, Valerius Flaccus, has died back in Rome, and in his will he bequeathed funds for some one-time memorial games at Antioch (fondly believing the people there loved him). At these Flaccan funeral games GALLUS (Secutor, skills: Dodge, Attack, Crowd pleaser, +1 other not yet advised, please let me know) will be pitched against USSUR (Laquearius, skills: Celebrity, Dodge, Reflexes, Stamina) who used to belong to Ahenobarbus but was sold last year to raise some needed cash.


Gallus took reflexes as the next skill. This was a truly weird fight. Ussur started poorly and had his spear broken at the start of the fight. Despite this handicap, Ussur had extreme good luck in armour saves, surviving  a 5 damage hit (rolling 1) and a 3 damage hit (rolling 1 again). Gallus got tired, and Ussur got exhausted, a very long fight with 1 damage hits and wearing down. Ussur then lost his lasso and had to resort to improvised attacks, but was able to recover the lasso. Eventually, Ussur was brought below 0 strength, despite his remarkable saving ability. Ussur, being a celebrity, ended up on 10 on the appeal table so survived.

GALLUS Lost 3 from 8 strength. WIN
USSUR Lost 12 from 9 strength. SURVIVED APPEAL

Gallus, despite winning, was not that convincing, but at the same time, never looked in too much trouble, so a strange fight.


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