Friday, 15 April 2016

Star Trek Attack Wing

Michael brought along his Star Trek Attack Wing game at the last meeting of the Sutherland Shire Gamers. It has similar mechanics to X-Wing but a lot of differences as well. This became a 4 player game, Michael taking a Federation ship, Steve taking none other than Captain Picard, Craig taking a Romulan ship, and I had a Klingon ship. There was plenty of variety between each vessel.

The game was easily picked up by everyone (only Michael had played it before), and after a brief intro to the rules, we started. The Romulan and Klingon ship began the game cloaked.

This is the situation at the start, with the 4 ships coming on from different corners:

The two federation ships were first into the fight. Steves Picard won out, destroying Michaels ship;

The Kingons got a powerful shot on the Romulans (who were uncloaked from a previous attack), wiping their shields and doing a critical hit. The Romulans had to roll a dice each turn, if the result was a "critical", their ship blew up. So it was Russian Roulette for them as the game continued...

The Klingon ship caused a bit more damage, destroying the shields on Picards ship. However, the Klingons were eventually beset by both the remaining ships. The Klingons took 2 critical hits (the same as the one the Romulans had), and had to survive 2 "blow up" rolls each turn. With two enemy ships at their rear, discretion became the better part of valor as they fled the field;

Picard now attacked the Romulans who, against the odds survived the attack and kept surviving the death rolls. When the Romulans attacked back, they got a really good hit, eventually destroying Picards ship;

Everyone enjoyed the game. I thought the Steve was going to win, but Craig managed to survive about 6 "blow up" rolls, and score some good shots back to eventually win. My Klingon captain will have to explain why he fled the battle to his superiors....

This is the first time I played the game, and despite the similar mechanics, it felt different to X-Wing. I think overall ships had more attack dice and less evade dice than X-Wing. This showed in many attacks crippling the enemy when a lot of hits were rolled at once. Anyway, it would be good to play this again.

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